Ian’s looking at me after sex and starts laughing

I’m like, “what?!”
And he goes “I love your face” and tells me to join him in the shower.

Yay I might have just found the perfect job in Arcata

Woke up at 11

To my Latin Lover telling me dirty things on the phone

Woke up at 11

In my own bed.

He’s just so cute

I can’t help but laugh at Ian’s frustration

Watching spongebob with my babe


Ah Fuck Yeah

Carly asked about my drive home, her response?
“You’re like fucking superwoman or something.”

Ian makes me giggle

I sent him a Colorado shot glass and I noticed he was using it for a chop cup and I told him nice shot glass, and he said he used it for a chop cup so he could use it everyday.